Recon, server reconaissance


It's an open source soultion for quake3 game server reconaissance, a game server browser simliar to GameSpy or the All Seeing Eye.


Python, wxPython

You'll need both installed to use this tool. Python 2.2 or later and wxPython 2.3 or later (might work with earlier versions)


I'm new to python (3 weeks and counting, at the start), I have a big project to work on, but learning a language and writing a big project don't go hand in hand. Starting with a smaller project, getstatus I've done in php, should be simple to translate it to python.

Turns out it was real simple. Using wxPython (a little light in the documentation loafers), I was able to integrate my getstatus routines into a nice gui.

This should is a good tool for my fellow quake3 gibbers. It works on most platforms/os's because Python and wxPython already exist there (it's a great foundry for supporting mutiple OS's).

To Do

What can be done? Much! Other game types could be fairly easy to support. I'm only interested in Quake3, so if you have ideas and patches, let me know, probably have to rewire some of the core stat library but shouldn't be difficult. Less than 1000 lines at the start of this project.

I'm interested, how do I?:

Your interested, Cool! but you want to know how to use it? DOH!

  1. Install Python and wxPython (windows installers, RPMs and something for Macs)

    Python is up to 2.3 so I'd get it, first install python, then install wxPython

    wxPython is up to 2.4 so I'd get that (don't confuse wxPython with wxWindows). When you navigate to that page, look under downloads/binaries for the version appropriate for the verision of python installed.

  2. Finally, get recon archive or cvs from SourceForge
  3. unzip it somewhere on your hardrive (/program files/recon works)
  4. Doubleclick on, viola